Aspi Maneckjee
  Relevant Testimoney
Relevant testimony:

43.   Ms. Maneckjee claims that she left the marriage because I was controlling, this is far from the truth, as I  treated her with love, care, respect, and family values.  Ms. Maneckjee  motives were to marry me to get inheritances from her family according to our Parsi customs and traditions, and then to live her life singly by collecting spousal payments.  According to her cousin Sharu Buhariwala; Ms. Maneckjee is a very experienced woman, and was a fashion model, and worked at nights at five star hotels in Mumbai for 15 years.  Her own father told her to leave the family home as she was a disgrace to them.  After the marriage, she got immigration papers in 1985, and  had a stop over in Toronto for 5 hours before coming to Halifax.   My cousin’s family went to meet her at the airport but could not find her.  After arriving in Halifax Ms. Maneckjee told me that she met a man in the plane, and went to his place, and few days later in Antigonish that she wanted a divorce. From 1990 - 1995  Ms. Maneckjee was working as an executive house keeper at the Southway Inn in Ottawa.  In 1994, she joined the New Age Reiki Cult (NARC) of Ms. Lin Armour of Manotick.   The Cult members beliefs and practices are: 1. Universe will provide without working. 2. Love everyone and 3. Single parenthood.  Ms. Maneckjee’s  friends (NARC members), do not work, and live off husbands, disability payments, social system and/or working part-time under the table.  According to my neighbours a short dark brown man with short grayish hair in a light blue Caravan, (namely Captain Pesi/Percy Shroff of Ottawa),  visited Ms. Maneckjee regularly during the afternoon(s), and on alternate Fridays mornings and left before I came back from work.  In 1995,  Ms. Maneckjee quit her executive job in order to get unemployment insurance payments claiming that the owners/managers treated her badly.  From November 1996 until May 1997, Ms. Maneckjee spent week-ends and evenings with her NARC cult members, or at the Chef training course paid by the Government.  After the separation and initial settlement, Ms. Maneckjee with the help from her lawyer Mr. Robie Loomer increased the support payments and  the settlement amounts by telling untruths in her affidavit(s), and by garnishing my bank account when I was abroad.  Secondly she obtained a court order to sell the home exclusively and to collect occupancy rent. Then she delayed selling the home for years in order to get interest payments on the settlement amount by keeping the sale price higher than other properties in the same condo complex. When I tried to purchase the matrimonial home by re-mortgaging,  Ms. Maneckjee falsely calculated and increased the total settlement amounts several times.  Other tactics included delays in replying to letters; delays in availability for court proceedings; asking for disclosures which were not relevant or false, and took a long time to get (from Health Canada Access of Information Office).  Furthermore,  Ms. Maneckjee has not declared her assets, which includes: around $50,000 worth of household items (furniture, arts and crafts, silverware and my personal belongings); Ms. Maneckjee’s investments with Captain Pesi Shroff which she made when she was working;  Ms. Maneckjee jewellery (around $50,000); and  2 properties (worth around $200,000 in Bollywood area of Mumbai which she has  inherited from her mother and her uncle).  Ms. Maneckjee has taken from me more than $190,000 in spousal and child support, and over $ 155,000 in settlement which includes over $30,000 of her court costs.  I have been financially ruined, and have lost all I have worked and saved, and now I am in debt..  Ms. Maneckjee is now a deciple of Sai Baba and lives her life without morals, ethics or values.  Ms. Maneckjee controlled me during the marriage, and after the separation has made me suffer (financially and emotionally [mental cruelty]), by making me a slave.  I have written evidence from Ms. Maneckjee which states “you will become weak, inpotent, and die”, and “ you will leave all your assets to me only”, her intentions are to claim my life insurance and assets, and that is why she goes on delaying the divorce.  My daughter Sherin has been told that I am a bad man and not to contact me, and Captain Shroff as her new father.  My web-site   has all the information about me and my righteous ways of life, my acheivements, and my recent published articles.

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