Aspi Maneckjee
  Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae

1.  Full Name:
Aspi Maneckjee

2.  Address:
RR3, Antigonish
Livingstone's Cove
Antigonish County
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2L1
Phone: 902-863-0207
E-mail Address:

3.  Education:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biochemistry), 1989.
Memorial University of Newfoundland. Canada.

Master of Science (Chemistry), 1985.
Saint Francis Xavier University. Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Canada.

Bachelor of Science (Molecular Sciences), 1969.
University of Warwick, Coventry. U.K.

Higher National Certificate in Chemistry, 1965.
Cambridge Technical College. Cambridge. U.K.  Awarded jointly by the Royal Institute of  Chemistry, and Department of Education and Science. U.K.
G.C.E."O" & "A" levels.(1957-61). University of London board of Examiners. U.K.

4. Summary of  Experience:
13 years of experience as an evaluator (veterinary drugs, pesticides, and new chemicals, residues in food), with Health Canada in Ottawa.

16 years of experience in biological research (cholinergic nervous system, endocrinology, toxicology, biochemistry and chemistry), at various institutions (Institute of Animal Physiology, Babraham Cambridge, University of Ottawa, Queens University, and Bureau of Drug Research at Health Canada, Ottawa).

5.  Thesis:
B.Sc.   The effects of cross-linking agents on the stability and the activity of proteases used in detergents. Supervisor, Professor D.W. Griffiths. University of Warwick. U.K.
M.Sc.  Hydrogen Sulphide Toxicity: In vitro effects on the cholinergic nervous system components, acetylcholine esterase and the nicotinic receptor sites. Supervisor, Professor J. Beck St. Frances Xavier University.

Ph.D. Characterization and Physiological role of 17 , 20ß- dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one steroid receptor activity in the cytosolic and zona-radiata membrane fraction of the ovarian follicles of brook trout Salvelinus fontanalis during the terminal stages of oocyte maturation. Supervisor's Professor David Idler, and Professor Melwin Weisbart. Memorial University of Newfoundland.

6.  Scholarships and fellowships:
Awarded National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Post-graduate Scholarship (1985-87), for doctoral studies at Ocean Sciences Centre, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Awarded National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Post-doctoral fellowship (1989-91). Bureau of Drug Research, Biotechnology Division; Health and Welfare Canada.

7.  Complementary Training:
Mid America Toxicology Course.
Hazard and Risk Evaluation in Regulatory Toxicology,
and several other toxicological courses given by Health Canada.

9.  Positions Held:
September, 2001 - 2005.
Retired on Ist November, 2005.
Veterinary Drugs Directorate/ Health Products and Food Branch
Human Safety Division.
Classification BI-04 (Senior Drug Evaluator).

September, 1996 - 2001    
Transitional Chemicals Task Force/ New Chemicals Section : Indeterminate Employee, Classification BI-03 (Toxicologist)
Bureau of Chemical Hazards,  Environmental Health Directorate.
Health Protection Branch.

January 1992 - September, 1996: 
Indeterminate Employee of Pest Management Regulatory Agency. 
Classification BI-03 (Toxicologist), PMRA,  Ontario, Canada.

1983-1984.    Research Associate with Professor Melwin Weisbart. Chairman, Department of Biology. St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. Nova-Scotia. Canada.

1980-1983.    Research Associate with Professor's John Back and John Donini. Department of Chemistry. St.Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. Nova-Scotia. Canada.

1972-1980.    Research Assistant with Professor B.N.Smallman. Head Dept. of Biology. Queen's University. Kingston. Ontario. Canada.

1969-1972.    Research Assistant with Professor Pavel Hrdina. Dept. of Pharmacology. University of Ottawa. Ontario. Canada.

1963-1966.    Assistant Experimental Officer with Dr. David Morris and late Professor C.O.Hebb. Agricultural Research Council, Institute of Animal Physiology. Babraham. Cambridge. United Kingdom.

1960-1963.    Technologist with Fisons Pest Control Ltd. Cambridge. United Kingdom.

Member of Canadian Federation of Biological Societies.
Member of the Canadian Society of Toxicologist.

I am a Parsi Zoroastrian, and I practice the tenets of my religion in all aspects and everyday of my life.  I am a mature self made man, who has been completely independent financially since 18 years of age.  I have worked very hard to achieve a Ph. D in biochemistry/Toxicology (Memorial University, Canada).  I was a devoted public servant, protecting Canadians from harmful effects of veterinary drugs in food producing animals.  In the past I have worked as an regulatory aspects of  chemicals,  pesticides and environmental contaminants (toxicologist\evaluator at Health Canada).

I was a respectable member of my community in Ottawa, and represented the Zoroastrian community of Ottawa at the following organizations :
I. Capital Region Interfaith Council (CRIC).
II. Mayor of Ottawa (Bob Chiarelli), Community Forum.
III.  Interfaith and Interreligious Family Federation of World Peace.
IV. Interfaith and the Common Good "Balanced/Sustainable Development".
V.  Member of Traditional Zoroastrian Association.

I have helped many people throughout my life, and have  contributed to the Zoroastrian, and the Canadian Society in general, by promoting family values of true love, righteousness, dialogue among the faith communities to enhance mutual understanding, work for peace, justice and care for the Earth.  Also, I have written many articles on these subjects, which have been published, and appreciated by many.

I was respected at my work place, and within Zoroastrian community, and the Canadian Society, and have done good throughout my life.  I do not have any criminal or police records of any kind.

I believe in preventive medicine, and keeps fit and healthy by physical exercises, and was an active member of the R. A. Centre in Ottawa, and played volleyball at the work place.  I do not drink or smoke, or take drugs or medication of any kind.

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