Aspi Maneckjee
  My Upbringing and Present Lifestyle
My Upbringing and Present Lifestyle My mother Goolimai died due to complications (appendicitis), at child birth of my sister Aban; I was only 4 years old and at that time my parents were living in Abadan, Iran. My baby sister Aban, and I were brought up my dear masijee (my mothers sister), Peroja Mehta in Karachi. Masijee was a very religious and righteous lady, she sacrificed her whole life to bring us up. She was an angel, she prayed each and every morning for at least 2 hours starting at at 4 a.m. We lived very simple life at Eduljee Dinshaw Chawl on Rs.300 per month (equivalent to 6 dollars per month); which my dad sent to masijee. However, we always had 3 fresh home cooked meals each day, we were never ever sick or unhappy. My childhood was the happiest time in my life. I went to BVS Parsi high school and matriculated in 1956. In 1957, I and my sister spent a year in Ahmedi (Kuwait), with my dad, and then in 1958 I went to London (England) for further studies. I had to pass O and A levels GCE in order to enter University, which I completed at Harrow Technical College. My dad then retired in 1960 from his job and there were no funds to continue further studies, so I took up a full-time job at ARC Institute of Animal Physiology, at Babraham, Cambridge as an Assistant Experimental Officer. I took evening courses at Cambridgeshire Technical College and completed HNC in Chemistry in 1965, and in 1966 won a scholarship to University of Warwick, and completed B.Sc. in Molecular Sciences in 1969. I worked throughout the summer months at the ARC Institute. In December 1969, I immigrated to Canada and came to University of Ottawa Pharmacology Department as a research assistant; then after 3 years moved to Queens University Biology Department to work with Dr. B.N.Smallman. I continued to study part-time and completed several medical sciences courses. After Dr.Smallman retired, I moved to St.F.X. University and did part-time Masters degree in Chemistry, whilst working. In 1986, I won NRC predoctoral scholarship at Memorial University with late Professor Idler (Director of Marine Sciences Research Centre). In 1989 I completed my PhD, and then received NRC postdoctoral fellowship at HPB research Laboratories in Ottawa., and in 1992 job with HPB as an drug evaluator. Throughout my life I have been honest, hard working, sincere, righteous and loving caring man. I learnt from masijee the meaning of self sacrifice, honesty from my dad, and righteous ways of life from my religious Parsi upbringing in Karachi. My righteous simple way of life, and hard work has been the main contributing factors towards my success in gaining knowledge, understanding and wisdom. As I see it, my present situation is due to my naive ways; because, I trust everyone. My dream was to build a Parsi Dar Be Mehr and cultural centre in Ottawa, which did not come true as my separated wife cheated me, and has made me homeless and penniless. In November of 2005, I retired from my work place, as I could not carry out my duties efficiently after 10 years of mental and emotional cruelty and suffering. My separated wife with the help Captain Pesi Shroff (her guru and male partner), and her lawyer exploited me, and took all I had worked for and I went into debt, while she and her lawyer became rich with lies and untruths told in the court proceedings. I left Ottawa with a suit case in my 23 years old car, and came to my rural abandoned old farm house in Nova Scotia. The farm house needed new windows, doors and siding in order to make it livable, and I invested all my severance pay to do that. I live a very simple life now, and grow all my vegetables and few fruits to survive. I also have goat for milk and 4 chickens for eggs. My home is heated by wood, a renewable energy source, my water comes by gravity from the shallow well, and have a septic system for my waste.. I start my day with prayers, and look after myself to keep healthy by exercising, gardening, and home cooking. I walk almost everyday when weather permits in winter, and do exercises at home. I am lucky that I have never been ill. I go to town may be twice a month, which is 20 miles (35 Km), to buy essentials, banking and hair cut. My separated wife is still bleeding me by making me pay for her medical/dental and life insurance , and takes one half of my CPP and OAS by preventing me to going to court (by cruel tricks), in order to get my divorce and to stop the payments and insuranceses as stated in the court orderof 2002. My goal in life is to enhance my soul, this can be only done by doing good to humanity. I want to re-start my life in a family situation only, with true love, and commitment, and look forward to that day. Please read my recent non-scientific published articles on my web-site : Please use your good mind to decide whom do you believe my separated wife (who only married me to get her inharitance from her mother, and to come to Canada to live off me separately), or me!. All her friends at her New Age Reike group live off on spousal support, social system, disability or by dishonesty. I have always believed in divine justice, and it will be done to all who have hurt me. Thank you. Aspi Maneckjee.
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