Aspi Maneckjee
  Complaints about Mr. Robbie Loomer to Law Society of Upper Canada
Complaints against Mr. Robbie Loomer. Pre-amble: Depending how you look at law, you may decide that Mr. Robbie Loomer is either a brilliant lawyer who did a good job for his client; or a wicked officer of the court; as he did his work unethically by saying untruths, using unrighteous tactics, and by delaying or ignoring in replying the letters and delaying the availability for the court appearances. Mr. Loomer is a very aggressive man, and once when I went to serve him court papers at his office; he was wearing a leather jacket like a motorcycle gang member, and he grabbed me by my shirt collar and pushed me in order to provoke me into a fight. I am a gentle person, and so I immediately left his office fearing for my life. Mr. Robbie Loomer has made my separated wife a lot of money dishonestly; while I have been made homeless and penniless. The suffering which they have inflicted on me is inhumane and extremely cruel. For more than 10 years Mr. Loomer has exploited me financially and exhausted me by using mental cruelty by preventing my divorce, by telling untruths at court cases, not replying to my and my lawyer’s letters within reasonable period, asking for unnecessary disclosures from excess to information office of Health Canada, not providing me and my lawyers with information regarding my separated wife’s assets and bank accounts, and using various tactics to revoke my motion(s) of divorce and termination spousal support. This was done so that my separated wife can continue on collecting the spousal support, occupancy rent, and to increase the settlement amount, and to fill his own pockets. The following tactics were used by Mr. Robbie Loomer, which were unethical and dishonest to my ways of thinking.and upbringing. I am a righteous Zoroastrian man, and have lived throughout my life with honesty and integrity, according to my religious tenets. 1. After the settlement, Mr. Loomer garnished my CSCOOP bank account when I went for a Zoroastrian conference out of the country for 3 weeks; despite I had written to him a letter prior to going, stating that when I return I will hire a lawyer and pay off the settlement. 2. When I returned to Ottawa, my bank account was garnished and I had outstanding payments and bills of over $5000, so I could not hire a lawyer. It was very difficult time for me, and Mr. Loomer went to the court with motion(s) for selling the matrimonial home exclusively by his client, and also for collecting the occupancy rent. I had a mortgage arranged at that time to purchase the house and pay off the settlement in early 2003. 3. Mr. Loomer then awarded the sale of house to a relator (Mr. Ratishma). who was a very good friend of my separated wife’s Guru and male friend Pesi Shroff of Ottawa. Mr. Ratishma made my life very difficult, he harassed and humiliated me, called me names, and by various other cruel ways (smoking in the home, stairs and entrance were left muddy and wet, light and heating were left on etc.); and also by bringing clients after 8:00 pm at nights when I came home for supper. The realtor was given specific instructions to bring clients between 8:am to 8 :00 pm when I was at work, which he totally ignored. Furthermore, the sale price was kept much higher than similar condo in the complex, so it was not sold for about 3 years, and when I tried to buy the condo at market value; my offers were rejected. When I agreed to pay the full asking price the settlement amount(s) were increased falsely by ten thousand the first time, and eighteen thousand the second time. 4. Finally in 2004, I hired my present lawyer Mr. Frank MacNally because Mr. Loomer had stopped replying to my letters, and I could not take the abuse from him any longer. Mr. McNally wrote several letters over a year to Mr. Loomer, and the home was finally sold in May of 2005 by another real-estate agent Mr. Mody. 5. After the house was sold the whole amount was paid to my separated wife, as the settlement had increased due to interest payments, occupancy rent and costs. 6. In May 2005, Mr. McNally wrote to Mr. Loomer about my motion for divorce, to vary child support, and to end spousal support according to the court order, as I was retiring at 65 years of age in September 2005. Mr. Loomer took a long time to reply, and it took nearly 6 months before he was finally available for the motion in December 2005. 7. This motion has been revoked now 3 times as Mr. Loomer went on objecting to it, firstly that he needed further disclosures, secondly the settlement was not fully paid, and thirdly that life and medical insurances were not in place. However, there was no need for further disclosures, insurances were in place technically (insurances terminate when the spousal support ends), and the settlement was also fully paid; but, settlement went on increasing due to interest payments as Mr.Loomer would not reply to my lawyers letters . These tactics were used purposely and specifically to collect the spousal and child support of $1,754/m out of my total gross retirement income of $2,030. . My separated wife is presently collecting of my CPP and old age security each month through Nova Scotia Maintenance Program, and I have accumulated outstanding amount of over $34,000 since my retirement im 2005. 7. My separated wife has already taken her share in cash value of my superannuation pension, CPP, and RRSP in the settlement, and so is not entitle any longer from my retirement income from these sources (double dipping is not allowed by law). Relevant testimony: 43. Ms. Maneckjee claims that she left the marriage because I was controlling, this is far from the truth, as I treated her with love, care, respect, and family values. Ms. Maneckjee motives were to marry me to get inheritances from her family according to our Parsi customs and traditions, and then to live her life singly by collecting spousal payments. According to her cousin Sharu Buhariwala; Ms. Maneckjee is a very experienced woman, and was a fashion model, and worked at nights at five star hotels in Mumbai for 15 years. Her own father told her to leave the family home as she was a disgrace to them. After the marriage, she got immigration papers in 1985, and had a stop over in Toronto for 5 hours before coming to Halifax. My cousin’s family went to meet her at the airport in Toronto but could not find her. After arriving in Halifax Ms. Maneckjee told me that she met a man in the plane, and went to his place, and few days later in Antigonish that she wanted a divorce. From 1990 - 1995 Ms. Maneckjee was working as an executive house keeper at the Southway Inn in Ottawa. In 1994, she joined the New Age Reiki Cult (NARC) of Ms. Lin Armour of Manotick. The Cult members beliefs and practices are: 1. Universe will provide without working. 2. Love everyone and 3. Single parenthood. Ms. Maneckjee’s friends (NARC members), do not work, and live off husbands, disability payments, social system and/or working part-time under the table. According to my neighbours a short dark brown man with short grayish hair in a light blue Caravan, (namely Captain Pesi/Percy Shroff of Ottawa), visited Ms. Maneckjee regularly during the afternoon(s), and on alternate Fridays mornings and left before I came back from work. In 1995, Ms. Maneckjee quit her executive job in order to get unemployment insurance payments claiming that the owners/managers treated her badly. From November 1996 until May 1997, Ms. Maneckjee spent week-ends and evenings with her NARC cult members, or at the Chef training course paid by the Government. Furthermore, Ms. Maneckjee has not declared her assets, which includes: around $50,000 worth of household items (furniture, arts and crafts, silverware and my personal belongings); Ms. Maneckjee’s investments with Captain Pesi Shroff which she made when she was working; Ms. Maneckjee jewellery (around $50,000); and 2 properties (worth around $200,000 in Bollywood area of Mumbai which she has inherited from her mother and her uncle). Ms. Maneckjee has taken from me more than $190,000 in spousal and child support, and over $ 155,000 in settlement which includes over $30,000 of her court costs. I have been financially ruined, and have lost all I have worked and saved, and now I am in debt.. Ms. Maneckjee is now a deciple of Sai Baba and lives her life without morals, ethics or values. Ms. Maneckjee controlled me during the marriage, and after the separation has made me suffer (financially and emotionally [mental cruelty]), by making me a slave. I have written evidence from Ms. Maneckjee which states “you will become weak, impotent, and die”, and “ you will leave all your assets to me only”, her intentions are to claim my life insurance and assets, and that is why she goes on delaying the divorce. My daughter Sherin has been told that I am a bad man and not to contact me, and consider Captain Shroff as her new father. My web-site has all the information about me and my righteous ways of life, my achievements, and my recent published articles. Few Members of New Age Reiki Cult: Captain Percy (Pesi) Shroff of Ottawa. Regarding my separated wife Rati Nee Bamjee was enticed into the new age ways of life by this sailor man. This man is not educated nor religious and makes a living by dishonest ways, and breaks up families for monetary gains. It has been pointed out to me recently by a wife of a Parsi man (Mrs. Raquel Sagar of Ottawa), that this man has broken up several families (Parsis and non-Parsis) since the 80's. He promises 100% return on investments within a year, to the wives of good Parsis who work hard and try to build up a strong future. He makes the wife give up their jobs on false pretences, and to start investments with him, after which he comes to their homes and lures them emotionally and sexually. After which he makes the wife's abandon their husbands and collect money from them for his investments by giving them help from lawyers and lies. The man is originally from Malaysia, then settled in Bombay and his name is Captain Pesi/Percy Shroff. His wife (Mrs. Vera Shroff), has collected money from the Government for the past 23 years on false pretences of mental disability from Ontario Government, and openly told me when we were friends that she is not mentally ill and does not take any medicine prescribed to her, i.e, lithium. Captain Shroff encourages all Parsis not to work and collect welfare, disability etc.. on false pretences and work for him under the table. He owns several malls and businesses in Montreal, Ottawa and in Texas (USA). Please be careful of this man as he uses his charm and is softly spoken, but his intentions are wicked. I treated him as a Parsi brother and trusted him and he stabbed me in my back. Captain Shroff also considers himself as a Medical specialist and a Reike doctor, and sells herbal medicine, and has a business of cleansing women by rectal enema (sic pervert); however, he and his wife are not members of the North American Reike Alliance, and they belong to a New Age Group which encourages single parenthood, love everyone, universe will provide without working etc etc etc... Mr. Percy (Pesi) Shroff, presently works in the Federal Government at Transportation Safety Board of Canada, and also runs Reike business from his home. Most of his initial capital came from life insurance policies of his in-laws. Mr. Shroff has a tendency to drink most week-ends. Details of Mrs. Vera Shroff. Name of the person is Ms. Vera Shroff, date of birth 26th August, 1946. Present address in Canada is : 2262, Rembrandt Avenue, Ottawa. Tel#: 613-829-0224. Ms. Vera Shroff collects mental disability fraudulently prescribed by a medical doctor at Royal Ottawa Hospital on Carling Avenue. I believe that the Medical Doctor had been paid to approve her disability claim by her husband Pesi Shroff of Ottawa. This woman herself told me that she does not take the medication and she is mentally healthy. The mental disability has been collected by Ms. Shroff for the past 22-24 years. Re: Pesi Sagar and his son Gus Sagar of Ottawa: Mr. Pesi Sager is a very dishonest man, and is the best friend of Mr. Percy (Pesi) Shroff of Ottawa. They were involved in many schemes to make money out of the Government by fraudulent means. He is an ex Government employee who collected disability for many years and has now retired for past several years. Pesi Sagar cheated on his Parsi wife, and then divorced her. Pesi Sagar’s wife then committed suicide by taking sleeping pills in Vancouver, Canada. Pesi Sager’s son, Mr. Gus Sagar age 31 has been collecting disability for past several years here in Ontario, and now lives and works in California as he has a Green Card. Mr. Gus Sagar visits his father when he needs medical treatment from OHIP. Dentalis about Mr. Gus Sager: Name of the person is Mr. Gustad Sagar, date of birth 4th January, 1957. Present address in Canada is : C/O. Mr. Richard Wang, 1403-4470 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa. ON. K1R 7W9. Although he does not live here, as he lives in California at : 9191 Chapman Drive, Apt.2., Garden Grove, California 92841. USA. Tel#. 714-232-2317. Mr. Gustad Sagar collects mental disability fraudulently; his medical Dr. Name is Dr. Anil Jain of Ottawa, who I believe has been paid to approve his disability claim by his father Mr. Pesi Sagar of Ottawa. Secondly, Gustad Sagar received a Green Card from USA in the year 2002, and since then has lived in USA at the above address. He visited Ottawa during April 23rd to May 15th, 2002, and also from November 4th, 2003 until January 8th, 2004. He comes to Ottawa when he needs the medical attention, and otherwise uses his friend’s address as his residence address for official purposes like income tax etc... This man is working in California, collecting disability from Canada, and also all the medical benefits. He is breaking the law as disabled people in Canada are not allowed to live outside of Canada to collect the disability. Reike Master Rev. Lin Armour of Manotick , Ontario. Rev. Lin. Armour is a Reike Master, and teaches Reike and used to run a clinic for Reike and herbal medicine in Ottawa. My separated wife got her first and second degree in Reike from this Reike Master, who also taught her New Age Ideas like Universe will provide without working, love everyone (sex between consulting adults), single parenthood, and the practice of Reike. She also taught Mr. and Mrs. Pesi Shroff Reike, and Mr. Shroff used to run her clinic in the evenings.. Around 40 women used to belong to this Reike Cult im 1997, who once were all invited by my wife at our home at a party given by my separated wife. My separated wife quit her executive job and started to go to Rev, Armour place instead, and was taking lots of pills and various solutions as prescribed by Reiki Master and her Guru and male friend Pesi Shroff of Ottawa.during 1996 and 97 before she abandoned me. Ms. Rouland Matthews of Ottawa: My separated wife and Ms. Matthews are best friends from Mumbai, and have known each other for over 40 years. Ms. Matthews is a widow, and after my separated wife came to Canada, Ms. Matthews and her children wanted to immigrate to Canada also. I was asked if I could sponsor them for immigration to which I had said no, due to large financial commitment involved. However, Ms. Matthews managed to get Canadian Immigration by paying $5000 American to an Immigration Agent from Kuwait. After landing in Canada the family went back to Kuwait, and then came to Canada at a later date. They falsely got OHIP card and immediately without waiting for 6 months by help of their friends in Toronto who had leased an apartment for them on paper. After they came to Ottawa in 1995, I helped them to find an apartment in the same Condo complex.. Then my wife quit her job at Southway Inn and wanted to start a motel business with Ms. Matthews in Perth, Ontario, and asked me for investment money. I was not able to give money as I did not have any cash as I was completely responsible for the expenses of running the house. Ms. Maneckjee later abandoned me.
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