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George Bush and Stephen Harper are correct, regarding war on terrorism! I am a Parsi Zoroastrian from India. Most Canadians have never heard of Parsis or Zoroastrians; because, we are a minuscule community of around 5, 000 in Canada, and just over 120, 000 throughout the world. Zarathushtra was the first prophet to preach a monotheistic religion, and He was born in Iran about 8000 years BC. He revealed that there was only one God, Ahura Mazda and that life in the physical world was a battle between good and evil. As per man's actions, he would either cross the bridge after death, and reach Heaven, or fall from it and go to the abode of the evil one. After the fall of the Sassarian Persian Empire about 1,300 years ago, Zoroastrians have been nearly eradicated by the Islamic sword in our mother land Persia (Iran) by the Muslim Arabs, and have been converted and prosecuted for centuries by the Muslims in the name of Islam. For details go to: ZOROASTRIAN RELIGION AFTER THE FALL OF Sassarian dynasty. The Persian Achamedian King Cyrus the great liberated 40,000 Jews from slavery when he defeated Medes kingdom of Babylonia in 537 BC. and then he rebuilt the temple of the Jews in Jerusalem. Cyrus is remembered as “the annointed of the Lord”. Reference the Hebrew Bible, Ezra 1: 1-8: Cyrus was the first Achaemenian Emperor of Persia, who issued a decree on his aims and policies, later hailed as his charter of the rights of nations. Inscribed on a clay cylinder, this is known to be the first declaration of Human Rights, and is now kept at the British Museum. A replica of this is also at the United Nations in New York.. Zoroastrian religion is based on righteousness, and the main purpose of life in this materialistic world is considered to be enhancement of the soul by doing good to humanity. A true Zoroastrian lives a very simple life, although he/she strives for excellence in there chosen field. Women are treated with respect, and considered equal to men in the family and the community, and play a main role in bringing up the children with religious education. Zoroastrians respect all other religions, and therefore do not proselytize into the religion. Surprisingly, many so-called Christian concepts actually were derived from Zoroastrian ideas. Concepts such as heaven and hell, God and the evil adversary Ahriman, the coming of the Saviour, the end-time purge of the world by Fire followed by the resurrection of the dead, the making fresh of the world, and the final battle between good and evil leading to the final defeat of evil. These beliefs filtered down to Judaism during the reign of Cyrus. After onslaught of Zoroastrians in the name of Islam, the Islamic nations of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and Iran are now supporting terrorism to eradicate the Jewish people in Israel. The terrorist are supported by money from these rich countries, and Muslims boys from poor families are trained in Madrases (schools), by the Islamic clergy in India, Pakistan, and Muslim dominated countries of South East Asia for the terrorist agenda. Craig Winn, in his first book critical of Islam is titled “Tea With Terrorists”, co-written with Ken Power. In this book, they document an investigation of the motives of terrorists. Winn has also self-published books including “Prophet of Doom”, which is a survey of Muhammad's life as derived from the Qur'an and Hadith. Other works of his are “In The Company of Good & Evil” (also written with Ken Power), “Future History and Yada Yahweh”. According to “Prophet of Doom” and “Tea With Terrorists”, Islamic terrorists are inspired by the actions and words of Muhammad. “Prophet of Doom” was written to expose what Islam’s founder had to say about himself, his ambition, religion, and God. Here are reproduced 3 verses from Qur’an the holy book of the Muslims, please refer to web site on “Prophet of Doom”for hundreds more like them. Qur’an 9:71 “O Prophet, strive hard [fighting] against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be harsh with them. Their abode is Hell, an evil refuge indeed.” Qur’an 8:59 “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.” Qur’an 4:168 “Those who reject [Islamic] Faith, Allah will not forgive them nor guide them to any path except the way to Hell, to dwell therein forever. And this to Allah is easy.” I am sad in a way that I may have hurt the sentiments of many Muslims by writing this article. Please note that there are many good Muslims who are not terrorist, and are good citizens of North America, and throughout the world. However, in my opinion based on the facts, President Bush and our Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper are correct in taking all the necessary measures to combat terrorism, and to establish Democracy in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Maybe Iran should be next, and may become a Zoroastrian nation once again. Amin. Aspi Maneckjee 6, Wharf Road, Livingstone’s Cove RR3, Antigonish Antigonish. N.S. B2G 2L1. Canada.
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