Aspi Maneckjee
  List and Information of People who have robbed me.
Re: Captain Percy (Pesi) Shroff of Ottawa. Regarding my separated wife Rati Nee Bamjee was enticed into the new age ways of life by this sailor man. This man is not educated nor religious and makes a living by dishonest ways, and breaks up families for monetary gains. It has been pointed out to me recently by a wife of a Parsi man (Mrs. Raquel Sagar of Ottawa), that this man has broken up several families (Parsis and non-Parsis) since the 80's. He promises 100% return on investments within a year, to the wives of good Parsis who work hard and try to build up a strong future. He makes the wife give up their jobs on false pretences, and to start investments with him, after which he comes to their homes and lures them emotionally and sexually. After which he makes the wife's abandon their husbands and collect money from them for his investments by giving them help from lawyers and lies. The man is originally from Malaysia, then settled in Bombay and his name is Captain Pesi/Percy Shroff. His wife (Mrs. Vera Shroff), has collected money from the Government for the past 23 years on false pretences of mental disability from Ontario Government, and openly told me when we were friends that she is not mentally ill and does not take any medicine prescribed to her, i.e, lithium. Captain Shroff encourages all Parsis not to work and collect welfare, disability etc.. on false pretences and work for him under the table. He owns several malls and businesses in Montreal, Ottawa and in Texas (USA). Please be careful of this man as he uses his charm and is softly spoken, but his intentions are wicked. I treated him as a Parsi brother and trusted him and he stabbed me in my back. Captain Shroff also considers himself as a Medical specialist and a Reike doctor, and sells herbal medicine, and has a business of cleansing women by rectal enema (sic pervert); however, he and his wife are not members of the North American Reike Alliance, and they belong to a New Age Group which encourages single parenthood, love everyone, universe will provide without working etc etc etc... Mr. Percy (Pesi) Shroff, presently works in the Federal Government at Transportation Safety Board of Canada, and also runs Reike business from his home. Most of his initial capital came from life insurance policies of his in-laws. Mr. Shroff has a tendency to drink most week-ends. Details of Mrs. Vera Shroff. Name of the person is Ms. Vera Shroff, date of birth 26th August, 1946. Present address in Canada is : 2262, Rembrandt Avenue, Ottawa. Tel#: 613-829-0224. Ms. Vera Shroff collects mental disability fraudulently prescribed by a medical doctor at Royal Ottawa Hospital on Carling Avenue. I believe that the Medical Doctor had been paid to approve her disability claim by her husband Pesi Shroff of Ottawa. This woman herself told me that she does not take the medication and she is mentally healthy. The mental disability has been collected by Ms. Shroff for the past 22-24 years. Re: Pesi Sagar and his son Gus Sagar of Ottawa: Mr. Pesi Sager is a very dishonest man, and is the best friend of Mr. Percy (Pesi) Shroff of Ottawa. They were involved in many schemes to make money out of the Government by fraudulent means. He is an ex Government employee who collected disability for many years and has now retired for past several years. Pesi Sagar cheated on his Parsi wife, and then divorced her. Pesi Sagar’s wife then committed suicide by taking sleeping pills in Vancouver, Canada. Pesi Sager’s son, Mr. Gus Sagar age 31 has been collecting disability for past several years here in Ontario, and now lives and works in California as he has a Green Card. Mr. Gus Sagar visits his father when he needs medical treatment from OHIP. Dentalis about Mr. Gus Sager: Name of the person is Mr. Gustad Sagar, date of birth 4th January, 1957. Present address in Canada is : C/O. Mr. Richard Wang, 1403-4470 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa. ON. K1R 7W9. Although he does not live here, as he lives in California at : 9191 Chapman Drive, Apt.2., Garden Grove, California 92841. USA. Tel#. 714-232-2317. Mr. Gustad Sagar collects mental disability fraudulently; his medical Dr. Name is Dr. Anil Jain of Ottawa, who I believe has been paid to approve his disability claim by his father Mr. Pesi Sagar of Ottawa. Secondly, Gustad Sagar received a Green Card from USA in the year 2002, and since then has lived in USA at the above address. He visited Ottawa during April 23rd to May 15th, 2002, and also from November 4th, 2003 until January 8th, 2004. He comes to Ottawa when he needs the medical attention, and otherwise uses his friend’s address as his residence address for official purposes like income tax etc... This man is working in California, collecting disability from Canada, and also all the medical benefits. He is breaking the law as disabled people in Canada are not allowed to live outside of Canada to collect the disability. Reike Master Rev. Lin Armour of Manotick , Ontario. Rev. Lin. Armour is a Reike Master, and teaches Reike and used to run a clinic for Reike and herbal medicine in Ottawa. My separated wife got her first and second degree in Reike from this Reike Master, who also taught her New Age Ideas like Universe will provide without working, love everyone (sex between consulting adults), single parenthood, and the practice of Reike. She also taught Mr. and Mrs. Pesi Shroff Reike, and Mr. Shroff used to run her clinic in the evenings.. Around 40 women used to belong to this Reike Cult im 1997, who once were all invited by my wife at our home at a party given by my separated wife. My separated wife quit her executive job and started to go to Rev, Armour place instead, and was taking lots of pills and various solutions as prescribed by Reiki Master and her Guru and male friend Pesi Shroff of Ottawa.during 1996 and 97 before she abandoned me. Ms. Rouland Matthews of Ottawa: My separated wife and Ms. Matthews are best friends from Mumbai, and have known each other for over 40 years. Ms. Matthews is a widow, and after my separated wife came to Canada, Ms. Matthews and her children wanted to immigrate to Canada also. I was asked if I could sponsor them for immigration to which I had said no, due to large financial commitment involved. However, Ms. Matthews managed to get Canadian Immigration by paying $5000 American to an Immigration Agent from Kuwait. After landing in Canada the family went back to Kuwait, and then came to Canada at a later date. They falsely got OHIP card and immediately without waiting for 6 months by help of their friends in Toronto who had leased an apartment for them on paper. After they came to Ottawa in 1995, I helped them to find an apartment in the same Condo complex.. Then my wife quit her job at Southway Inn and wanted to start a motel business with Ms. Matthews in Perth, Ontario, and asked me for investment money. I was not able to give money as I did not have any cash as I was completely responsible for the expenses of running the house. Ms. Maneckjee later abandoned me. Robie Loomer of Ottawa: This is the lawyer who has lied in the court, cheated me many times using various tactics and dishonest ways. Prepared by Aspi Maneckjee. April, 2007.
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