Aspi Maneckjee
  What do you hope will happen as a result of your complaint?
3. What do you hope will happen as a result of your complaint? I am not seeking revenge or vengeance and have forgiven all who have hurt me, made me homeless and penniless, deprived me of my daughter, deprived me of a companion and love for more than past 10 years. I am a religious man, and believe that divine justice will be done to all. However, I want to get on with my life and seek justice from the Family Court so I can go on living my life without any further obligations to my separated wife for the following reasons: 1. My separated wife has taken her share of my superannuation pension, my CPP, and my RRSP in the settlement, so she is not entitled to further spousal support from these sources of my retirement income. Double dipping is not allowed by law. 2 I have been brought up with Zoroastrian religious tenets of righteousness, love, care, respect, honesty and integrity. I have worked hard and honestly throughout my life and I am not a materialistic person. Presently I have a 20 year old car, and a 100 year old homestead in poor condition in rural N.S. (where hardly anyone else in Canada would live in isolation as I do). The Canadian society (not all), has become extremely materialistic, corrupt, and greedy; specifically the people involved with New Age Reike Cult who have stopped working, and are living off either abandoned husbands, family members life insurances, disability, social system, and by other dishonest or criminal means. My separated wife was influenced by the New Age Cult of Ms. Armour and also by her male friend and guru Captain Pesi Shroff of Ottawa (please read the section: 1. Relevant Testimony and 2. Few members of the Reike Cult). Ms. Maneckjee was taking all sorts of drugs (pills and solutions as prescribed by the Master, and her guru of the cult). My separated wife is the one who abandoned me, and then told untruths in her Affidavits that I was controlling and that is why she left the home. Initially out of my good heart I agreed to support her as my daughter had told me that her mum was looking for a job. Since then I have been made a slave by the Family Court. Various Justices would only listen to Mr. Loomer, and ignored all what I had to say and had written in my Affidavits. Family Court Justices are biassed against men as such, and I have been victimized further (may be) because I have brown skin; and/or the Justices are under the impression that I am a Muslim man. 3. Mr. Loomer was notified and was aware about her client’s New Age ways of life, as this information was presented in my affidavits, and in my original motion of divorce. As a officer of the court it was his duty to do what is right, and he completely ignored his duty to do justice, and ignored the scenario as presented from my side, and has helped his client regardlessly, and taken nearly all I have worked and saved for the past 30 years. Justice should be based on truths only, and officers of the court should not inflict suffering to good honest people knowingly. Therefore, I am seeking compensation from the compensation fund available. This will help me to pay my debts, and to improve my home to a level where I can continue living in it in a family situation, and support my future wife. 4. Ms. Maneckjee is a very rich woman, she has 2 properties in Mumbai, 4 bank accounts at Syndicate Bank in Mumbai, at least 50 thousand dollars worth of jewellery, at least 25 thousand dollars worth of arts and crafts and household goods taken from the matrimonial home. . Ms. Maneckjee worked for 5 years as an executive housekeeper at Southway Inn, and saved most of her income, and quit her job prior to abandoning me. Ms. Maneckjee has an unknown amount in a hidden bank account or investments with her male friend and guru Pesi Shroff of Ottawa, who has investments in shopping centres in Ottawa, Montreal and in Texas (USA). Ms. Maneckjee also received over $155,000 in the settlement and over $190,000 in spousal and child support payments. I do not even have 5% of her total assets, and now I am in large debt. 5. Paragraph 24 of the order of Justice Cosgrave specifically states that “spousal support may be varied if there is change in circumstances as set out in the Divorce Act, and my retirement at or around 65 shall be deemed such a change”. Despite this clause Mr. Loomer has stopped me to bring in a motion of divorce and spousal support by utilizing various tactics (see, 1. Relevant Testimony and 2. Few members of the Reike Cult), for over 2 years. This action by Mr. Loomer has caused me serious consequences emotionally, as I have not able to start my life in a family situation, and as well financially, from the point of view of unpaid accumulated spousal and child support payments of nearly $35,000, and my lawyers fees, payments for medical and life insurances and garnishment from my CPP and old age security.. Therefore, I am seeking maximum compensation from the compensation fund available. Mr. Loomer has deliberately done this by not replying to my lawyer Mr. McNally’s letters in time, asking for disclosures which were not relevant and delaying the court proceedings by saying that he will be on holidays, and not available for court proceedings for long periods. 6. My case has a conspiracy and criminal connotations to kill me and to collect all my assets, and life insurance policy by my separated wife and her male friend Pesi Shroff of Ottawa. The evidence comes from the torn hand written letters from her sister, her male friend and her, which were found in the basement of the matrimonial home, where my separated did her Reike practice. I patiently assembled these letters together with clear tape and few of the relevant information which indicate the conspiracy to kill me and collect my assets and life insurance are as follows: 1. “You are totally under my control and you will do exactly as I say only. I curse, I kill, I finish the Black magic....? “ 2. “You are going to spend more time and money on me and Shirin, you will give all your movable and immovable property to me and Shirin only”. 3. “ you will become weak and impotent”. 4. “You are under my control and you will do everything as I say only, because I and Shirin are the most important persons for you. You are madly in love with me, and you will do everything to please me and Shirin”. NB. This clearly indicates that Ms. Maneckjee controlling outlook during the marriage and after the separation, and then she writes falsely in her affidavit that I was controlling and that is why she left the marriage. 7. Ms. Maneckjee comes from a very rich family, her sister, her uncle and her cousins are extremely well off and all live in Mumbai, India. Also, Ms. Maneckjee has her own assets in Mumbai (see item 4 above). Ms. Maneckjee is a Indian citizen and has permanent residence status in Canada. Ms. Maneckjee has avoided to take up the Canadian citizenship; however I and my daughter Sherin are Canadian citizens. I suggest that Ms. Maneckjee goes back to her home in Mumbai, where she can live rest of her life very comfortably with her family, and with servants. If she wants to go on living in Canada, her male friend and guru Captain Pesi Shroff of Ottawa should be made to support her, or she can work at the Captain Shroff’s medical clinic. 8. Ms. Maneckjee, her guru, and other cult members believe in Reike method for treatment of medical conditions, and not in modern medicine. Since 1992, Ms. Maneckjee has not used the medical insurance which I have provided for her which is now costing me $166 per month. Ms. Maneckjee’s guru Pesi Shroff considers himself a medical doctor and runs a medical clinic from his home for Reike and other non conventional treatments like magnets, rectal enema, therapeutic baths, group sweat lodges in woods, hugging pine trees, and herbal drugs. I sincerely hope that after the divorce, I do not have to go on providing Ms. Maneckjee with medical insurance which she does not intend to use (Please see Justice Cosgrove order). 9. I sincerly hope and pray that the Law Society of Upper Canada will consider all the information that I have provided, and also speak to my present lawyer Mr. Frank McNally and my previous lawyer Mr. Bruce Gilpin. I leave it to the Law Society what is appropriate action, so that Mr. Loomer does not go on using his unethical and cruel means of practice any longer. I also seek maximum compensation of $100,000 as allowed by the Law Society for mental cruelty and financial loss I have suffered during the past 11 years, which is directly due to due to Mr. Loomer’s conduct.
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